Reparation or Separation

Until the philosophy that holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanately discredited and abandoned....everywhere there's WAR!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Reparation or Separation?

In our quest for reparations, we should not only ask for the monies we so clearly deserve, but make sure the United States government stands by its original promise of 40 acres and a mule.

We should also demand for the next 100 years, without revocation the following:

1. Free accredited University educations for every African-American who qualifies or certified Trade school.

2. Free graduate school, having the option of running consecutively or not.

3. Medical/ Law/Dental/Business school for those academically inclined.

4. All school loans paid in full for those who have already attended a college, university or trade school or if loans were paid, a full reimbursement of all monies paid out in the pursuit of that education.

These stipulations have got to be irrevocable by making it a law and not an amendment. They can not be manipulated to include any other race - there is no diversity program. This program is for the children of the enslaved African only.

If anyone out there as any serious additions please feel free to add them. We built this country and we are the only ones who have not shared in its prosperity.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can it be as simple as that? Asking for what we want and deserve?

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Billy Thornton said...

Please, they ain't gonna stand for all that.

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Jamal Lewis said...

I just stumble across this. We need to ask for everything it takes to build our own Nation.

9:50 PM  
Anonymous Niggers R Us said...

I was just reading through your site and it didn't take long to
realize that only a nigger could write that much drivel with such a
complete lack of intelligence.

Maybe white men can't jump but niggers can't think. Unfortunately
they're too stupid to realize this.

8:38 PM  
Blogger Ekowa said...

Dear N 'r'Us - In your case ignorance is bliss.

6:50 AM  
Blogger Born Understanding said...

very nice work, Im down for anything that helps us get our own Nation.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


That is a historical fact. Reparations should include some of that land so a Black nation can be created.


In Sudan, it is said that Genocide is done by the rape of women to 'Arabize' and mix them by force.

In the US genocide is being done by promoting the marriage between Blacks and ANYONE WHO ENTERS THE NEIGHBORHOOD.

Thus, Blacks are loosing their 'purity' and they are loosing their claim because if this racist mixing continues, our grandchildren will not look like us, they will look like the oppressors who enslaved us (whites, Latins, Portugese, ect.)


See some of their pictures

We have to make it our duty to study the Black nations that lived throughout the US before Columbus. THE FACT IS MOST BLACKS ARE ALSO DESCENDED FROM THESE PRE-COLUMBIAN BLACK NATIONS WHO WERE NOT 'INDIANS' BUT AFRICANS OF THE AMERICAS.


9:26 PM  
Blogger alessandra3najee said...

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5:05 AM  
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Anonymous Mamma's Son said...

REPATRIATION for those who desire it!

11:43 PM  
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Anonymous simond williamson said...

Hi brothers and sisters,to thoughs people that keep on calling us Niggers I'd like to be the first to say thank you for keeping this Name alive even though you think your calling us a bad Name, I'v come to understand that it was your kind that could not pronounce Niger correctly so you and your kind has been keeping our Identity alive though your ignorance of pronounciation of the word if it were not for your ignorence we might not have known about our home land so for that I thank you. My brothers and sisters, the American white people are right about these reparations, look up the 14th,section 4 of there Amendment to the Constitution it is written their for us to read and understand what it has to say, I know what it says we as a whole people need to understand this so we can go forward, we can not go after the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA or UNITED STATES,US OF A,or U.S.A.,these are all different entities of this GOVERNMENT, not this Government,we can go after the Companies that had any thing to do with the shipping of our people coming here, what i'm saying is we should go after all the wall streets of America,Europe and Spain,ect. also the so-called whitty that keeps on saying go back to Africa,well I have one for him and it comes from my Creation of the so-called Indian, you go back to Europe get out of our land we did not invite you here you are a created race of europeans that call yourselves Americans, you don't know where you came from in Europe or what trible, you can't speak any language of the European can you, you are an outcast among the people that you look like but they don't want you, and by the way america didn't win the revolution as her books claim. if she did then why is America in DEBT.,to England as I am Wrighting this commenT,your so-called government uses FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES as Currency not Gold or Silver as it is writen in your Constitution,the reason I keep saying yours is because it dosen't represent me or my kind at all. We will get what we are coming for but I understand by reading the 14th amendment that massa owes nothing to his Slaves, only a people that has an Identity,if you asked any man or woman from any place but america who they are they will tell you that they are from China and they are chines, or japanines are from japan or french and they are from France,well if we as the Dark skin people go out said America and someone was to ask us who are we, we give other people the Labeles that have been placed on us by the Massa,such as Negro,Colored,Black Afro-American, or African-American, these people are still Slaves to America they can never be free because they don't exist as Hu-man Beings, to my people of the Brown/Dark people if we are to acheive this we must know our Identity and Nationality first this is the Secret that has been kept from us and don't let those elected so-call blacl politician fool you they know our Indentities but they will not out right tell us, because they well loss everything they have acheived of our ignorance of notknowing whom we are as a people among the Hu-man Family, they know. We were somebody when our Ancestors came here we are who they were,our identity can never change just as the child we help make with our woman they are who we are they can never change this just like we can never change from whom our Ancestor were we are them today,this is the only why we can get the reparations we seek everybody that has received reperation has a Identity and Nationality check the record and see for your selves, stop depending on these Preachers and Politicians,they we not tell us the truth about our selves for if they do they go broke. Know thy Self first and then all things will be added

3:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey my name is ravi kissoon and I am fighting the fight onstage battling racism and gettin shit from all sides. I don't remember my password on blogger or my username but here is my email: so you know who I am also myspace:
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Please check out! This is just the beginning of much more I have to say on the topic. I have had the lights turned out on me and owners of clubs don't want me to speak my truth. They tell me to save it for a black comedy night. I think all people of color should know the truth enjoy ravi kissoon

12:56 AM  
Anonymous javan rollock said...

I jus read this blog. I think that to gain everything stated it will be a struggle, but in time maybe we will overcome and then the world will see that, given the same opportunities, black people are no better, no less. In response 2 "niggaz r us" please resaerch it 4 yaself blud. find tha truth n b enlightened.

i am a teenage kid living in west yorkshire, england. I think it is wonderful that this year, to commemorate the 200 years since abolishment in britain, we will have ignatio sancho, and olaudah equiano on stamps. Now Public Enemy can no longer state "But none of my heroes have been on the stamp".

good blog and some great comments,

4:10 PM  
Blogger Malkhuteka said...

Good posts, I always enjoy reading your thoughts.

7:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoy your site. It's an awakening moment for all Hebrew/Israelite children of YAH. We need to stop this race mixing. It's another form of genocide of our race. Many people do not realize it. Black men especially have so much self-hatred somehow they believe self-fulfillment if they are married to white women. I'm not a racist by any means. All i see from everday living is that we are the most hated group of people on the face of the planet. We need to wake up and bind together. We need to stop killing one another while the other races out there laughing at us and shaking their heads at us. Wake up my people and realize that we so-called 'blacks' are the true Israelites, Not the askhenazi jews.Once we all come to this type of understanding and turn back to YAH, then we'll be restored to the way we were. Please my people wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4:09 PM  
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